Ride with a Purpose

Tirade Cycling Wear is excited to announce a new partnership with Wheels4Water.org.


Wheels4Water exists to help educate others about the world water crisis and raise support for Lifewater who does work primarily in Africa and Asia which includes providing safe water resources, and sanitation and hygiene training. Wheels4Water raises awareness and support through taking on an epic ride each year and inviting anyone to help spread the word and support in the efforts. This team raises funds via individual sponsorships with all the funds going directly to the field.


Wheels4Water has a great page on their site that explains everything but, the short story is the funds Wheels4Water raises goes to some of the most water-scarce regions of the world. We might take it for granted in the West, but an abundant supply of clean water is required for good health.


Wheels4Water's 2019 goal is to raise $54,000 through their epic, 4 Peaks in 4 Days for Ethiopia ride. If they reach their goal they, with our collective help, will transform over 1,000 Ethiopian lives and 4 villages in Bensa, Ethiopia. As a sponsor, Tirade Cycling Wear is all-in and is honored to collaborate with Glitschka Studios and Wheels4Water on a specially designed limited edition jersey for this year's ride…

Wheels4Water 2019 Jersey Design

All profits from the sales of this jersey go directly to Wheels4Water.



To help W4W reach their goal, Tirade will use a portion of each sale as follows:

    •    $10 from every jersey sale and 

    •    $10 from every bib sale will go directly to Wheels4Water.


And in 2019, we will continue to give a portion of every sale to Wheels4Water


If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. - African Proverb


Let's do this, together.

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