Texas is not only a place, it's an idea

TIRADE HQ resides in Texas. We live in Texas, design in Texas, and ride in Texas.

We love Texas and want our brand to embody the best it has to offer.


BONO, of U2, loves the USA and speaks of it often in his music and during U2 concerts. He says that the USA (or America), is more than a country…it's an idea and it belongs to everybody that wants to serve it. Keep this thought on one side of your brain as we continue…


TEXAS can trace it's name to the word Tejas, a Caddo Native American word that means friends (or allies). Thus, Texas is about friendship. We're known as "the place where everything is bigger". Big hats, big hair, big sky, big cities, big crazy politics, etc. We have all kinds of ideas and points-of-view. We conflict often. But at the end of the day, we're friends…amigos…Texans.


THIS IS WHY we embrace our Texas heritage. Texas is a big idea based on friendship. Just like cycling.

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